How can I share my board game collection with others?
Sharing your board game collection with others is really easy. Just log into your account and go to your collection. Copy the URL from your browser and send it to your friends or post it on a social media site. Your friends do not have to be registered on BoardgameRules to see your collection.

How can I add a board game to my collection?
First you have to log into your account. Then you simply search the board game you want to add via "search board game" in the top right corner and go to the detail page of the board game. Next to the title of the board game is an icon for adddig it to your collection. The icon is only vivisble if you are logged into your account.

I want to add a board game to my collection but it is not on your site?
Just send us the name of the board game and we add it immediately to BoardgameRules. You can send us an email or use the form for adding content.