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7 Wonders

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2010 | 7 csoda, 7 Cudów Świata, 7 divů světa, 7 чудес, Τα 7 θαύματα του κόσμου, 七大奇蹟, 世界の七不思議

7 Wonders is a dedicated deck card game based on civilizations. It uses a card-drafting mechanic where, once per turn, each player selects a card to play from his or her hand then passes the remaining cards to the next player. This is repeated until 6 out of the 7 cards dealt have been played. The game is played over three decks representing three ages. At the end of each age, military conflicts are resolved between neighbors. Resource trading is also possible between neighbors throughout the game. Once all three decks have been played, players tally their scores in different developed areas (civil, scientific, commercial). The player with the most points wins.

The goal of the game is to get the most victory points. The base game has seven ways to get victory points:

  1. Military victories - One point for victories during the first age, three for the second age and five for the third age. A player who is defeated gets a negative one victory point at the end of the age. The value of defeats does not increase each age, but remains -1 for each defeat.
  2. Gold coins - One point for each 3 coins a player possesses at the end of the game.
  3. Stages of a Wonder - Each wonder grants a different number of victory points as rewards for building stages of the wonder.
  4. Civilian Structures (blue cards) - Each structure grants a static number of victory points.
  5. Commercial Structures (yellow cards) - Some of these structures, mainly in Age 3, grant victory points based on other structures/resources a player and/or his neighbors have built.
  6. Guilds (purple cards) - A random assortment of guilds are available providing several ways to gain victory points based on what a player and/or his neighbors have built.
  7. Scientific Structures - There are 3 symbols associated with scientific structures. They grant a player victory points, depending on how many of each symbol the player has built. Every set of the 3 types is worth 7 points, while the separate types are worth the amount collected squared.

This description uses material from the Wikipedia article 7 Wonders which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0.

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